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Pak Modiran Azad Industrial Group

PMA Industrial Group is proud to have six companies and sub-factories under the titles of Plastic Machin Alvan Company (manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical packaging envelopes, printed envelopes for food packaging), Pooshan Plastic (manufacturer of multilayered polyethylene films), Zist Daru Danesh ( Manufacturer of biological and chemical medicines), Pad Alvan Pack (manufacturer of converting packages, aseptic, various types of sticks and envelops), Saray Derakhshan (manufacturer of mattresses) and Kaghaz Papyrus Kaveh (manufacturer of paper) are among the top companies. With the slogan of “producing a quality product, customer satisfaction, employee safety and healthcare”, currently, with the employment of more than 1000 people directly, as one of the private industrial groups based on a correct and systematic management approach it tries to resolve the work and employment concerns of the youth of this region and meet the quantitative and qualitative needs of a wide range of customers to prioritize its goals.

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PMA Family

Plastic Machine Alvan

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical packaging wrappers, printed wrappers for food packaging

Pooshan Plastic

Manufacturer of multilayer polyethylene films

Zistdaru Danesh

Manufacturer of biological and chemical drugs

Pad Alvan Pack

Manufacturer of conversion, aseptic, steak and envelope packaging

Saray Derakhshan

Manufacturer of sleeping goods

Papyrus Paper

Manufacturer of paper and cardboard


PMA Industrial Group is an innovative and knowledge-based group that, relying on specialized human resources and utilizing modern technology, offers scientific solutions to produce distinctive products in order to provide and promote public health at national and international levels.
We believe that achieving this goal depends on raising talents, paying attention to the environment and meeting the global standard.

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In 2025, we will be one of the top 200 companies in Iran, focusing on innovation and increasing productivity, and will export at least 20% of our products to international markets.

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